Business Simulation Games: Teach business practically, in English!

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24 Αυγούστου 2020
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2 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020
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Business Simulation Games: Teach business practically, in English!

We are glad to announce that @The Study Rooms now collaborates with Revas to offer Revas Business Simulations Games in Greece and Cyprus.

The Study Rooms is committed to deliver leading-edge services that help the modern learners develop the crucial skills they need in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly. And as John Goodwin, CEO, The Lego Foundation puts it: “Learner-focused, play-based pedagogy that fosters skills including creativity, critical thinking and collaboration, alongside traditional academic skills, is key to developing students who can better navigate our complex world and become our next generation of leaders.” That’s where our paths have crossed with Revas and their engaging and motivating Business Simulations Games.

How does it work?
Revas Business Simulations Games are tools designed to teach how to run a business and for the introduction to entrepreneurship classes. Within the simulation, the participants make real business decisions by managing their virtual companies. They can among others: create jobs, hire employees, set remunerations, buy equipment, invest in traditional and online advertising, and set prices.

The students go through a decision-making process in which they:– receive market information (demand for individual services, the number of man-hours necessary to perform each service, the amount of materials used, the minimum remuneration, costs of marketing activities),
– analyze market data to make decisions in accordance with the strategy chosen,
– make business decisions that are compared with decisions made by the owners of competing companies (classmates),
– send decisions to a server, where market mechanisms are simulated using mathematical algorithms,
– receive the results of decisions taken, which become the initial situation in the next decision round.

Choose a simulation set tailored to your needs
Following a pilot workshop with one class of C2 students which was offered in July 2020 at ELC Anifadis Language School in Chalkida with exceptional results, the service is now available for all educational organisations in Greece through The Study Rooms: schools and universities interested in running practical business courses, language schools or other institutions wishing to expand their services.

Do you think your students are too young for this? Do you think they do not understand how business works? Try the simulation and you will be amazed with the results!
If you want your students to acquire new skills while improving their English and having fun, contact us!